Alternative Treatment for Sleep Apnea


For some cases and patients the conventional treatments for sleep apnea are either too expensive, simply out of the question (surgery, for example) or they do not have any effect. These patients may want to resort to alternative treatments. Making a few behavioral changes and involving alternative medicine can lighten or stop sleep apnea.

Obesity and sleep apnea go hand in hand. Losing weight and exercising can be effective in the battle against sleep apnea. Also losing weight and getting in shape will give you more energy during the daytime. Often apnea is caused by a blockage of the airways. When losing weight, and fatty cells in the throat, the airways do not get blocked as much or the airways are opened completely.


Another lifestyle change which may benefit your sleep is avoiding sleeping on your back. This will stop the tongue from falling back and blocking the airways. Also, drugs and alcohol can have a damaging effect on the respiratory drive during sleep. They may soften the throat muscles. This may end in a collapsing of the throat. Cutting down on alcohol and drugs (sleeping pills, for example) will elevate the oxygen levels in the blood and stop or lower the degree of apnea during sleep.

However, homeopathy is also an option.Visit a homeopath to discover which treatments are usefull for your situation. Often the practitioners will prescribe different medication for different types of people. For example, energetic and extroverted people will get Lachesis prescribed, while people who have a history of mental problems will get homeopathic opium for the same condition. Vervain is also a treatment which is used for sleep apnea.

A fairly new alternative treatment for sleep apnea is 5-HTP. 5-HTP has a beneficial influence on the serotonin and cortisol levels in the human body. These two are thought to be the reason behind sleep apnea.  Taking 5-HTP before going to bed will decrease the number of apneas and the fatigue and sleepiness during the daytime.

Alternate spelling: sleep apnoea | Common misspellings: sleep apnia, sleep apena, sleep apneia


Jeremy from Treatment For Tendonitis

Hey, great post.

I cannot agree with you more regarding traditional methods. So many people get suckered into buying pills, sprays, gadgets/devices and even investing in surgery before taking full advantage of alternative methods that you talk about.

Things like sleeping on you’re side, limiting alcohol, smoking and drugs, getting a quality pillow and having you’re head slightly raised to open up the airways etc.

These things go a long way.

Anyway, thanks again for the post.


Elton from solar roof tiles

that sleep papnea is creepy, plus given that the methods of treating it is through surgery. Lifestyle change which you mentioned may be the key here, in addition maybe exercise could help too?

Jim from popular jeans brands

Exercise would be a huge help with this condition, Elton. Usually sleep apnea is most present in folks whom are deemed obese.

Tim from Acupuncture Courses

It would seem like to first (and best) solution to lose weight but some folks suffer from this who are not obsese. I suffer from Sleep paralysis which is another form of sleep problem and I am physically fit!

sarah from diy solar panels

Besides taking part in plenty of exercise it is also important that you are getting the proper daily water intake, which is around 64 ounces, water will help more than any kind of sleeping pill will in my opinion.

JethroPotts from recessedtoiletpaperholder

I’ve had sleep apnea for years and I was Miserable, with a capital “M”…no relief and I wasn’t about to do surgery. A friend had surgery, went to pure h*ll and it didn’t help him afterward. It wasn’t until I got a CPAP machine that I’ve finally gotten some sleep. It’s not perfect, because I toss and turn a lot as it is, so the tugging from the tubing and mask tend to wake me a few times during the night. But…I’m feeling SO much better that it’s worth it!

Caroline from PassingKidneyStones

Good post – I would just like to add that people should not consider surgery for this issue. I have had personal experience with sleep apnea and surgery is NOT worth it. You will experience more problems that benefits.


Axel from home theater seating

I would strongly recommend acupuncture. This is one healthy, relaxing way to recover your inner peace and your body energy balance. Before this procedure, make sure you eat at least few vegetables/day and drink 2 liters of water/day.

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