Sleep Apnea Treatments: It Starts With A Test


Often enough it is difficult to recognize a disorder like sleep apnea.  For patients who are under the impression that they suffer from this disorder, it is considered wise to keep a sleeping diary. You can do this by either taping the sounds you make while sleeping or involving your significant other to monitor and write down sleeping habits. When visiting a doctor bring the sleeping diary with you, this will help the doctor determine your condition. To determine the patient’s condition the doctor may also perform several tests such as an endosopy of the nose and throat, a CT scan or a thorough examination of the nose and mouth.

If the doctor is under the impression that the patient might suffer from a sleeping disorder, he or she will recommend an overnight sleep study in a sleep lab under the observation of a trained health care provider. Here the patient will undergo a polysomnography. A polysomnograph shows a patient’s brain activity, heart rate, eye movement and respiratory activity during sleep. This test will help to determine if the patient does or does not suffer from sleep apnea… and give hints as to the most effective of the sleep apnea treaments for that particular case.


The sleep apnea test is carried out in a sleep lab during the night, so that the most reliable results can be achieved. Electrodes on the chest, scalp and eyelids will send off messages to the health care provider. These electrodes will measure the time it takes for the patient to fall asleep and the time it takes to fall in REM ( Rapid Eye Movement ) sleep. Also, a video camera will monitor the patient’s movements. All these components will determine if and how often the patient stops breathing during the night.

It is important to avoid any alcohol or caffeine before the test as this may cloud the test results. After the polysomnography the right diagnosis will be determined and the patient will be informed on possible treatments.

There are certain tests which patients can do at home. However, these test results may be unreliable. It is highly advised to visit a doctor to be sure of the right diagnosis.

Alternate spelling: sleep apnoea | Common misspellings: sleep apnia, sleep apena, sleep apneia

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What is the test that can be done at home ,I would like to take this test first to make sure although I believe I have sleep apnea , sometimes I have not inhale for very long period of time that is when my husband tries to wake me up. I am so tired during the day and when I do go to bed I have to sleep with 5 or 6 pillows if not I find myself sometimes waking up because I am holding my breath ,and that makes me sometimes wake up. I sweat alot too, but it is not everyday this occurs maybe about 4 to 5 times a week , but as long as I sleep almost sitting I can breath pretty well. Also my ankles are very swollen at times my right more then my left ,and my hands too.I have gained alot of weight during the last 8 years I’ve gone from size 9/10 to 18/20 W and sometimes even 22
I don’t eat much since I had my gall bladder remove but I have gained so much it has me not wanting to go out the house ..Can you advise me besides that I know I must go to see a doctor about this .I do have insurance , I just can not stand that after I pay my co-pay and the insurance their part ,still I am send a bill that I have to still pay more .And that is one of the reasons I haven’t checked myself with this problem of not inhaling / breathing as I should. Thank you for your responce.

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